Why being on vacation kind of sucks

Being a teacher, I get two weeks off for Christmas winter solstice. I’m not sure why they like the solstices so much around here, but I get two MONTHS off for the summer solstice, so there’s some solstice love going on. (Equinoxes? Not so much.)

Anyway, when left in my natural state (meaning, when I don’t have to work), I pretty much do as little as possible. For instance, I stay up late and sleep in, shower as infrequently as possible, and forget to eat.

I have had a cup of coffee today, and that is only because my husband made enough coffee to share this morning. I have not eaten anything, despite feeling hungry and wishing I was eating something. I am too lazy.

Instead, I read the internet and laugh at other people’s near-death experiences. Having recently discovered Hyperbole and a Half, my desire to make my own internets for others to read was renewed.

So I guess you can blame Allie Brosh for making me think I am entertaining enough to create a blog that people will read.

And you can blame our pagan, solstice-loving society for giving me time off so that I can write about a billion posts every day. For about two weeks. Then I won’t write anything, because I will be busy teaching and stuff. Sorry. (Or: You’re welcome.)

a little introduction…

UPDATE: I am no longer sticking with this focus to the journal, but I’m leaving up all the old posts. Just FYI. (Update: 20 Dec 2010)

I need to get serious about this whole education thing – mine, and that of my future students. I have lots of ideas for things I want to do in my classroom, and I’ve seen things other teachers have done that I really like. I intend to post those things here, so that I will remember them and other teachers can find them.

I still have two years of school left before I finally get my own classroom, so for now this journal will be ideas I have for the future, peppered with education-related news (there’s no shortage of that, unfortunately it’s usually bad). There will probably be a fair amount of discussing my own education, too, but in the sense that it would relate to other teachers/education majors.

I would love contribution from other teachers, as well as comments from anyone… I want this to become sort of an education community. No one person has all the answers for how to teach every child – and as technology/communities/people change, teaching methods must evolve to keep up. Education is one of those fields in which everyone can and should be involved; if you aren’t a teacher, you are/were a student, or may possibly have children in school. And I believe that everyone should be concerned with the education of future generations of lawyers/teachers/doctors/politicians/parents/lawmakers/etc…

Something I will no doubt rant about in the future, repeatedly, is funding and the attitude some people without children have regarding funding local schools. So many times I have heard “well, I don’t have kids, so why should I be paying for schools/teachers I don’t need??” Because those kids will grow up to determine things that affect you – and if they’re uneducated and lack the resources to make informed decisions about the world around them, you will suffer. So, the point is, it doesn’t matter who you are, this stuff affects you, and your awareness of it and input to it affect you, as well.

So, please contribute/argue/rant/rave/etc… but keep it clean and respectful. Because I said so, and I’m in charge. 😉