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The Journal

I started this journal a few years ago, under the title “The Learning Curve.” Originally, it was meant to be a journal specifically about education (since I’m an educator). I am leaving up those original posts, but I decided I am way too ADHD to write about the same topic all the time. Sometimes, I just want to post funnies. Actually, most of the time that’s what I want to post. So, now my journal has no real focus. Hooray!

The Name

The name StarWidget comes from an old AOL Instant Messenger name I created while I was in college. (I say this like it was a long time ago or like I don’t still use it, but still…) I was working at Morehead Planetarium at the time, and was a complete nerd. I still am, really, but back then I was also surrounded by complete nerds, making my nerdiness not only acceptable, but also “cool.” (Trust me.) When I needed to change my AIM username to avoid somebody, I decided to get inspiration from the amazing Carl Sagan. In his video series, Cosmos, Sagan once said, “The earth and every living thing are made of star stuff.” I liked this idea, and tried to make StarStuff my username. It was taken. I pulled out a thesaurus, and started looking for synonyms for either word. Being a college student, I was likely sleep-deprived, and found the synonym “widget” hilarious. Thus, StarWidget was born. Oddly enough, I am not the only person to come up with the phrase, proving that there are other strange people out in the world.

The Author

I know a little about many things, which really just makes me a smartass that has no specific talents. I am a teacher, which is probably the one thing I’m best at (and also the one thing that provides me with income). I also play the violin terribly, and once played with the Really Terrible Orchestra Of the Triangle. I might rejoin them in the future, who knows? It was fun to play with them. I ALSO used to be a skater with the Carolina Rollergirls. Unfortunately, this became too time-and-money-consuming, so I had to quit. I’m still a badass, even if I no longer play one on the rink. My most recent hobby is singing, which I do regularly with two bands. I sing jazz out and about in the Triangle area. If you want to read more about me (why?), clickie here.

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